New Arrival Lifelike Love Doll 2024

158cm (5.18ft) Super Hot Big Bust Adult Love Doll Gwenda HG8

I had a great overall experience with u guy. As a beginner they answered my many questions professionally and patiently. The doll sold to me were as advertised and I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂 Thanks for the gift.

158cm (5.18ft) Super Sexy Big Bust TPE Sex Doll Gardenia

My order was quickly filled and I was provided with a tracking number. I purchased this as a birthday gift to myself, an amazing gift that does as advertised. The price of the merchandise seems reasonable as well. Overall great service.

Realistic Lifelike Sex Dolls

165cm (5.41ft) Small Bust Real Sex Doll for Adult Mizuho

Delivered the other day and used the it that night. Great work! It was just as I ordered. Customer service was helpful and responsive when I asked about the status.

165cm (5.41ft) Small Breast Lifelike Girl Doll for Sex Airi

They answered all my questions promptly. Sorry that i required too much, haha. When i requested to call me. They called me immediately and explained to me patiently. Doll is very real. Very soft. Nice work!

Big Breast Love Dolls 2024

165cm (5.41ft) Big Tits Real Sexy Love Doll Senna

I give the doll 10 stars. Thank you! You made my experience enjoyable! I have another doll that I am going to be getting from this site. I’m just waiting for my next paycheck to get it.

165cm (5.41ft) Big Bust Real Size Sex Doll Kazumi

I bought the doll for the first time and it was a very good purchase. The quality of life has improved. When I had questions about my order, they were helpful and made the changes I requested and got me my order. Thanks.

2024 Thick Sex Dolls

163cm (5.35ft) Big Bust Sexy Girl Sex Doll RD240411 Gabriela

She is exactly what I wanted. The doll is perfect and was built exactly how I wanted. Also the communication is superb and everyone is so friendly and helpful. This is the 2nd purchase I have made here and I have ordered 2 more dolls and we are working on a custom doll as well.

162cm (5.31ft) Big Chest Female Love Doll RD240410 Ursula

Best prices! This is a very good doll. Very life like and easy to handle. Feels like the real thing inside and out. Slap it on the backside and it sounds like real flesh. I will be getting another one from you soon.

BEST Mini Sex Dolls for Sale

100cm (3.28ft) Big Breast Sex Doll EB19081321 Yura

I want to tell how easy it is for me to lift and carry her. My other doll is almost as tall as I am and can be difficult to dress, move around and position but not this doll. She is almost effortless to pick up, easy to store. This was a great choice, no doubt about it.

100cm (3.28ft) Big Breast Sex Doll EB19081322 Kei

Needed a little person for a display that looked real, however no mannequins of this stature were available. This worked well. The customer service is amazing. Soon after I placed my order they contacted me to confirm whether I had intentionally ordered a duplicate accessory or if it was a mistake. It was a mistake, the item was removed, a refund issued and sent, all with no delay to my order. I am impressed with that kind of attention to detail and its assures me of the integrity.

100cm (3.28ft) Big Breast Sex Doll EB19081323 Mihoko

I know some people don’t like the size but it’s designed to be small and handy, I think the size for what it is is perfect. There are larger, heavier, and more expensive ones but this is the best bang for buck for me when solo.